Tismoo.me is a health and technology company, with the aim of improving the quality of life and 360-degree health of autistic people*, in all pillars of their existence.

Health 5.0

We are pioneers in the use of advanced technology to evaluate, predict, prevent and monitor the health of autistic people*, with the person at the center of care.

We believe that autistic people should be the protagonists of all health services; and technology, an indispensable tool in current times, but never at the expense of humanization.

*autistic person with related syndromes and other neurodivergences or conditions linked to neurodevelopment.

Science, innovation and technology

We use evidence-based methodologies, scientific research and genomic knowledge to create and perform our services daily. We use artificial intelligence, with machine and deep learning, as well as complex algorithms and data analysis to obtain the best practical results for the health and quality of life of autistic people.


Tismoo.me is a company driven by purpose! We want to leave a mark on the world, so that we can improve the lives of autistic people and their families.

All of the founding partners of Tismoo.me have autistic children or children with neurodevelopmental syndromes, therefore, they live this reality on a daily basis. Among them, we have Dr. Alysson Muotri, professor at the University of California, San Diego (USA), who leads advanced and innovative research on autism, such as sending brain organoids from autistic people to the International Space Station (ISS ) in partnership with NASA and SpaceX.

Another partner who comes from the autism community is the current CEO of Tismoo.me, journalist Francisco Paiva Jr., co-founder and editor-in-chief of Revista Autismo (since 2010), author of the book “Autismo — Don’t wait, act now!” (publisher M.Books, 2012), partner of the Mauricio de Sousa Institute and the Mauricio de Sousa Produções studios in the continuous development of André, the autistic character of Turma da Mônica, postgraduate in journalism and editorial segmentation, with training in “Innovating for Health Care” (Harvard).