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Símbolo do autismo (Correio Braziliense)

State of Minas: Neurodiversity: 86% of people have never received corporate training

April 2, 2024 — The newspaper Estado de Minas highlighted the research carried out by Consultoria Maya, in partnership with the Korú Corporate University and with support from the startup and Órbi Conecta, on neurodiversity in the job market. The report, at the end, highlighted the launch of Genioo,’s artificial intelligence specialist in autism and neurodevelopment.

Saúde Digital News: Families can now count on the 1st artificial intelligence specialized in autism

01.Apr.2024 — Report from the Saúde Digital News portal talks about the launch of our artificial intelligence Genioo, the first specialized in autism, a conversational chat like GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) that talks about autism and related syndromes and conditions linked to neurodevelopment.

Correio Braziliense: The challenges of autism

March 29, 2024 — Report from Correio Braziliense regarding a survey by the Brazilian Association of Health Plans (Abramge) which showed that the costs of treatments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) exceeded the costs of oncological treatments. The text cites, as a reference, the research carried out jointly by and Genial Care.

Terra: Portraits of Autism in Brazil in 2023

11.Feb.2024 — Report from the Terra portal highlighted: “79% of caregivers feel insecure about the future of their child with autism. Genial Care and launch a study with unprecedented data on people with autism and caregivers.” The text even talks about the research launch event, with the participation of the CEO of, and when citing data on suicide, highlights that the company “is training’s artificial intelligence to recognize suicidal ideation in autistic people” .

UOL - Viva Bem: Parents and children with ASD: empathy and professional help reduce overload

06.Jan.2024 — The Viva Bem column, from the UOL portal, published a report relating scenarios of Brazilian families that are consistent with the results of the study “Portraits of autism in Brazil in 2023”, carried out by and Genial Care, which featured with 2,247 participants. The article emphasizes that empathy and professional help reduce the burden on parents and caregivers (in cases of autistic people without autonomy).

Terra: Many mothers feel guilty about their children's autism, research shows

15.dec.2023 — Veja magazine highlighted the research “Portraits of autism in Brazil in 2023”, carried out by in partnership with Genial Care, in which 36% of mothers blame themselves for their children’s autism. The study, with 2,247 participants, highlights the need for more awareness and support, highlighting that ASD is not caused by parental actions.

See: With a lack of data, research tries to capture the reality of autism in Brazil

05.dec.2023 — Veja magazine highlighted the research carried out by in partnership with Genial Care, at the end of 2013, presenting data on autistic people, their caregivers (when applicable) and on the physical and mental health of autistic people, including data on suicide, a public health problem.

Correio Braziliense: Vision of the Mail - Autistic people and their caregivers

01.dec.2023 — An editorial in the newspaper Correio Braziliense addressed the topic “autistic people and their caregivers” about the research carried out by in partnership with Genial Care, called “Portraits of Autism in Brazil in 2023”. The editorial highlights that “regarding the mental and physical health and day-to-day conditions of autistic people, 49% say they have some chronic or secondary illness that was identified along with the ASD diagnosis, and 50% say they do not have access to resources and supports suited to your needs.”

Insper: The Value of Multidisciplinary in Favor of Inclusion

August 29, 2023 — An Insper article about the Alumni Day event, highlighted the panel created by the Technology and Entrepreneurship, Health, Diversity and Inclusion committees, bringing the topic of the potential of professionals with autism spectrum disorder to the job market, which had the participation of the CEO of The text mentions that “ offers a line of care for autistic people in order to provide them with health at home and at work, in addition to contributing to their neurological development”.

Future of Health: Increase in autism diagnoses and inclusion of treatment in the ANS list increase pressure on health plans

April 26, 2023 — A report by Futuro da Saúde addressed the increase in diagnoses and its relationship with the ANS list and health plans. In the text, journalist Rafael Machado highlighted some technology initiatives related to the topic and cited “Tismoo:me, a social network integrated into a medical record, which is in operation and already has 5 thousand people”.

Bootcamp: Turning emojis accessible for autistic

16.Nov.2022 — An article (in English) on Bootcamp (via Medium), by wedesigner Vanessa Miura, highlights the importance of the accessibility feature for autistic people created by with the title “Making emojis accessible for autistic people” (in a free translation into Portuguese).

Autism & Reality: Emojis and accessibility for people with autism

Aug. 17, 2021 — The Autismo & Realidade portal, from the PENSI Institute, linked to Sabará Hospital Infantil, published an article about the first accessibility feature for autistic people: emoji control. The resource was developed by and was based on needs reported by several autistic people.

R7: Son with autism motivated father to create startup on the subject

Aug 8, 2021 — The R7 portal (from the Rede Record group) told the story of an autism diagnosis that led a father to develop an app and several initiatives for autism, including

R7: Social network provides quality information to people with autism

18.jun.2021 — The R7 portal (from Rede Record) published a report about the social network launched by to “connect people with autism to scientists who carry out research in this area”. Brenda Marques’ text highlights the quality of the information contained in the application.

Tecmundo: Startup announces the world's first social network dedicated to autism

May 20, 2021 — The technology portal Tecmundo highlighted the creation of the first social network in the world dedicated exclusively to those living with autism, related syndromes and other neurodevelopmental conditions: